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Miaomiao scheduled for love, but it can not be refuted declined her offer. She could not guess at the same time, as Miaomiao sigh, one word love, so hard . and her mind, along with two letters of silence arms, floating down Tianmen,; this time, she is really for their own made a decision to let Regulus morning waited in vain for a person by surprise also unable to pick up the decision.  H  n   Moe UuTxT. Com Tsuen text plating Sakamoto month first chapter of the second volume Bliss Silk City seeking to marry Words: 2898 the senior citizen night before, three domestic Few care about tomorrow festival, restaurants Chasi, because of a wind from the ranks of the white news buzzing, scrambling a quiet night. sitting alone in his study early cloud meaning,; candle lit, shallow warm halfoff to Zhang Yan swayed him, but, then warm colors, also not his surface layer of frost. Table spread two letterhead, one, from worrying about that after his people from other children’s hands. He also recalled that on June 19 around to see who called ChenMo quiet laugh youth,; personally took the letter to him when she was how inarticulate joy. He did not agree to arrange the letter, she is willing to Jin because of weakness, his anger, his air, his mother Princess so reluctant to give a simple hands are reluctant to reveal even the head man. Only this letter, he night is not spread out to look at the strength of character of the paper rather elegant font, it is difficult to peace.; He never thought that he also has such Nizushenxian day, as if possessed by the ghostlike selfcontrol difficult. Until he received another letter on the front desk case, bamboo wind white heart from home. He frowned, as it happens at this time the top of the blue light that support wax “crackling” sound burst flower candle flowers, his eyes flashed with light to pull off, and then proceeded to float a little interesting. “Wash jiange Gezhu,; November started, starry night silk City State mystery floor, three test to get married. Chu quiet laugh, why you can not feel at ease so I thirtyfive set to play a lively one” He’s selfmade the sound is very low, there is no lack of magnetic, but in a quiet room seemed a little awkward. These are not made him the most angry thing, he could not bear the word the letter: “The royal family refused to participate again.;” She is what you want him out A lamp on a table slightest wisps of mist wafting tea, he suddenly sky and a splash of tea, waved his left hand, to be dispersed droplets landing, has formed a dolphin ice pellets, he looked down at the floor crystal , take a look at his palm, eyebrow smile, the smile indescribable charm.; Nine years ago, drowned after blow, he seemed to have done what no highprofile move, but the “fight” is the word, he has never been afraid of, not to mention, she deserves him to compete with the people of the world. Meanwhile, laughing quiet and sit opposite Regulus morning sky,; the atmosphere in the freezing wavering. “laughing children! period of one year has yet to be.” quiet smile of his face angrily asked, smiled. “Master, this sentence some nights, four of them, fear is no longer a person has facial Qiuqin to me,; my next few months this effort, you are old does not have an eye, close one eye, acquiesced in it.” Regulus morning sky beard trembling few, a word not yet exported, but also life and choke back a long while, he was a steady stable mood and said: “In short, you should not nonsense swagger consequences have you ever thought!;!” “go Let the world ridiculed wash jiange untrustworthy Do not forget, we are in the letter as proof of the organization. Master, and now news has spread three, from the days of pond nobles, down to the man in the street, I do not, who will end alone .; This time, I really want to own Jiadiao. “last word, she put a bit of frustration, prompting some distressed Regulus morning sky. He paused, his voice slowed down: “laughing children, this method is not able to choose a really loves you, they take pity on your people,; the fear is just the name of the first wash jiange jiange control of the wash, you. know what is equivalent to grasp. ” looked quiet laugh, a pair of eyes clear, everything seems to see transparent. “Now that I know this life has no love, then I want, is in addition to all the love!;.” She was right to pull off, which in turn Dimei said:. “That person no matter what, I will hear the message it To look at him, I would pick a hundred thousand times stronger his husband, have always heard people talk with him, Chu marry just how beautiful quiet laugh, he does not just want such an outcome!; so I am doing it What is wrong choose you as my people have ever asked me one, you do not want Master, have you ever asked your grandchildren to see the water, and he wanted to marry me, and you still marry a TANTAI Qin command There willow Riverside, you may have thought, he stood in front of me, I was kind of mind to face! I do not even know TANTAI Qin is when there is such !;!’s going to push a substitute to make his cross but the secular and historical narrow “She stopped, because the tone of urgency and excitement fast, she took a deep breath, eyes Shining Road:” Or, you told me he was the master where, This game, I can not trouble. ” Regulus morning sky heard frown,; he stared at her for a long time, and finally walk out. He said: “Bale is a blessing or a curse as you toss!” laugh ek a quiet laugh. See bitter. Only she understood. So smile. To accommodate the number of people do not understand the bitterness. She just felt lost.; Between heaven and earth as if only one person in her lonely around the body. Her heart Come bamboo election for her husband to try to spread the message three. To get that today. She still did not pressed out TANTAI Qin ability to message. Married Married! She had to marry. Also marry and marry. she got up. Zixuan burning slowly to the line.; November started. She is not worried. Right now she cares to two things. A: Chen Mo has not returned. Later, he was sent to find the whereabouts of people report said. Since ChenMo white home on leave wind disappeared. Why does not he come back. She did not know.; Is he afraid to come back later. She would force him to marry and Miaomiao Or. He saw what had happened . recently Miaomiao to weight loss. She can not say to distressed. In addition to continuing to look for. She does not have any way with relief. second thing. More headache.; Wash jiange dragnet to search. Phoenix master even a shadow can not touch. This can not let her cool. She thought, what, determined to win. Today, only confused. A few days.; Recall that the ghost of her every night are thin old man in the tomb words. Single word scrutiny. She reached a possibility for her fear. Ghost old man just said. Accounted for a great cause of her generation to be completed. In other words. Before the end of her life. Long Jun Feng Lord will help unify the world to complete the great cause. How long can she be life She did not know.; If God arranged for her sevenyearold to be pushed all the tracks. So . Phoenix Lord. Today, perhaps not yet born. Chaos. In this terrible premise. She could not chaos. I should not have ordered the former Jedi mother.; I do not know now whether the well. How to miss. In the face of reality seemed too humble. Back. To become unattainable dream. She remembered a word. The father said to his lifetime. He said: strong head to. Eventually become a way of life in torment.; her. After many years finally savor. This way suffering. How out Perhaps no longer a head to head to. This torment. Will also dissipate it! She Shuaishuaitou hair. Rose Red to hang a bunch of shortsleeve sticks in chaotic thoughts. Her stop.; The fragile silk and twigs to separate. A filament is pulled. Save the one fold. Original. Just missing a wire. Things will become so beautifully ugly . she seemed to understand what an instant. They seem to have nothing to read. October.; Silk City. Perhaps too much wash jiange name first. Perhaps it is the new style white living a meeting Gezhu charm too much. Silk City in this season already overcrowded. Dilapidated small inn is just able to hike five Liang Wenyin day. Silk City ranking official of the situation in such a manner shouted trouble. Silk of people poured into the city. Identity varies. There are rivers and lakes.; There are a family of children. Three more large state bureaucracy within five nephews. Most frequently. Or catch the ride to idlers. Many people. Nonrespect of many. Mixed together to race and class. The past few days were stolen. Cases like to be hit after another.; Many were in disarray goof around the corner. Food and other supplies in the city should also have a supply of less land trend. But he was not so bold sub public wrath. More not so great courage. The order Qingcheng. Sooner or later he only three stick of incense. November started praying early arrival. Ping complained numerous times over the past . while.; Why the mystery floor under him happens to be located in this city. not anxious quiet laugh. City and silk clothing alone, but the city ten days journey. She has a lot of time. In addition to daily soak in the sink heart to God spectrum sixth station repracticing outside. She finally began to formulate the socalled three test trial in electionlaw to three Miao urging exactly how arrangements. In fact, she is not reluctant to think.; But she often had nothing to do with the land will have a strange illusion. Even know. To marry that person. Is their own . three tests, a bit like the wind White feast yet. Her selfdeprecating smile, but this is not the king took the wine, but the election of her husband,; and to choose an unparalleled love her man. Lover, is painstakingly source of pain. So loved it Will not be happy She did not want to love, but she refused to be loved . no longer seek her earthshattering love, she’s just a steady friend, she does not believe God will always mistreated her. uu book League UutxT.; CoM daughter board Guangdong Wen Quan Du Volume II Chapter II downtown Bliss attacked Words: 3858 silk city, as the name suggests, gentle and affectionate. Star River is the largest tributary off the water through the city and the Vatican, the whole city is almost equally divided into northern and southern parts. Broad river, no bridge, only a few northsouth road running through the ropes, the ferryman boat or raft ride shuttle which water along both sides of the Vatican,; willows planted, but in this cold season, you do not see the new tear small pieces green, willow branches, not the decorated leaf, a bit stiff. Only winds east to flow, clarity playful, Four Seasons case.; laugh secluded white fur coat collar tightened, regret choosing the November silk city of the United States, belongs to the late spring or summer, umbrella stroll between Yan Liu, floating in the middle of the night Chunjiang, presumably even the air is moist, such as Valentine’s lips, is how quiet comfortable. She escaped soon regret sigh,; his eyes flashed a hazy, only this time, her eyes breathtaking clear that only subsided when the eyes no longer Zhuoran, her whole person the feeling of standing in River embankment also changed, beautiful flowing with gentle, rising from any who would own their arms impulse. far, a pair of bright colors and eyes tight as her figure, seems to be afraid to disturb her eyes carefully hiding master breath until she was away with the boat,; before reluctantly look back. Meaning not want to leave early cloud up, and makes a Xubie after all sorts. He must exercise restraint until November started that day. He had public displays of affection in the wind, white home, and this time, he had to launch yet another surprise. He was not sure,; snow wise if she guessed his intentions, will again quickly fled. He has not understood, what her attitude towards him Why . stand in front of the boat quiet laugh, busy watching the load due to the weight of the water out of the layers of corrugated faint line to the center when she suddenly turned around, looked embankment, a touch of navy blue only a moment and then disappeared in the horizon, coming so she had to think everything is just an illusion.; But the sensitive part of the woman alone, so she was sure, just she did enjoy the scenery while in the eyes of others decorate the landscape. Her heart under microchaos across the navy blue eyes, so face Italy at the beginning of the cloud came to mind, she frowned, and Xiao Shen Xue Jin willing to do, he has not replied, she can guess why,; so do not Good sent someone to ask. But also because of him, so she declined the royal family set foot in a competition that day mystery floor, naked denial, pride, as he surely will not come, perhaps, is really just an illusion of it . her away,; he stays in his thoughts clear face, foot on the banks of the mystery floor hurriedly away. mystery floor occupied north of the city center of downtown treasure land, the street storefront, three courtyards, each hospital has a threestory house, normally for a particular customer and equipment. Because laughter quiet, now the last one was completely remodeled courtyard,; thoroughly into her home Xiulou, unauthorized persons shall not be allowed into the inner and outer courtyard surrounded by a high alert posture guarding two dozen players, laughing secluded feel Regulus morning sky that they seemed too nervous, but in the end did not order the guard to evacuate, although she did not like that feeling of being surrounded by people . quiet smile looked purple ink word bottom board, has stepped into the closed doors of the parlor of a foot and back, because . Miaomiao.; Busy morning she was alone turn also do this. Miaomiao Qiangdajingshen smile face heavy guilt very 1st day, the first time in her life she’s difficult to face gazing Miao, even, is not entirely her fault. October tenth, because ChenMo disappearance, she worried about the pass book Three Anzhuang place check it out, she thought,; ChenMo no backwashing jiange must be out of the accident, can not return, but do not want the word appear in Hua Guoyu Kun comb Off ChenMo found intact. But . he was in the night, a few people out of the word kun, secretly away, not disappeared again. How many times she blame yourself running out of patience,; and when he and Miaomiao mention something bad, send him off in nonmountain, she decided, why not go ChenMo only do this meeting. Fortunately . Miaomiao still unaware. She thought, and knew a stranger has turned into the street. very lively street,; lined with hawkers, sale items are mostly more sophisticated gadgetry as well as local folk soil composition, laughing cursory looked quiet, and no desire to buy, but added the distance candied fruit cries evoke the mood of her homesickness. Remember the Past childhood, often to the winter, when his father always bursts in the evening to go home, a string of candied fruit wrapped in crispy fried candy handed her hands.; She did not like the taste of candied fruit, but she likes the way it looks. Her Mother and the line, not far away, a boy not tall tree holding a sign glowing red crystal strings being looked around to selling, the cold, the boy’s clothes is very thin, I do not know why, it always felt quiet laugh boy was kind of familiar.; She hesitated, started to shrink teenager. Pound coins spread in the palm, she softly said:. “Give me two bunches.” boy’s eyes throughout her stay in the hands of silver, a little uncertain, and some cute little greedy, he did not always look up people.; A long while before he could react, some can not do anything and said:. “I have no money to find you.” quiet laugh at him reddish nose, smiled and said:. “Do not look, give me like candied fruit bunches” boy heard, looked blankly quiet laugh, like to go back for fear of her hands fast rope into the arms of silver,; and even forgot that he had escorted, and studded with candied fruit, cotton column. Seeing a tree Chan Hung would hit the ground, laughing quiet agile, copy left to live wood, while the boy drew a dagger I do not know from where, straight stabbing abdominal quiet laugh. I saw him just full of childish innocent eyes,; this time shining coldness, like a dagger in his hand, as alarming. secluded barely smiled sideways to avoid. Because there is no preparedness. Arctic fox cloak was cut down a handful of fluff. A small piece of bare ground. Very loud. Wait she asked.; Junior moves a change. Dagger coldness surrounding quiet laugh the whole body. No time to go out with a pliant quiet laugh. Unable to parry. Had to get away. Vendors around to see two open play. Fear of adverse impacts. More valuable to have items picked up stalls scattered escape. Chaos.; Speak, laugh secluded behind a breeze hit. Another person to join the fray. Is also a child. This child. She knew White feast on the wind and hard and accurate shot pigeons. The test of interference to the girl. Remember quiet laugh. Girl called curly.; So. Holding a dagger to teenagers. Earth is certainly turning the ball. No wonder she would kind of inexplicable familiarity. Only. She no injustice Wu Chou with them. Today, it is what they get curly red sweet quiet laugh a laugh: “! sister more beautiful balls you say is not it” Sphere croon.; Hands move faster. laugh and enjoy the quiet moment where she still has feelings phrase compliment. Unknown. She did not want to hurt his choice under the heavy hand of the two. Although he did not bring pliant. She also dissolve in the body can be bone sword instantaneous. But this under the watchful eyes. Showed transient is very unwise move. So she had to retreat to endure.; Side asked: “Which of you two is to send sects” curly issued four needles. Rolled his eyes. Was about to answer. Sphere loud

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High pile on the frontier. Pliant to swing the crimson glow.; Regulus morning air is sealed from the ground Road. Last night she was rushed to open. Since the home a year ago. Her powers have nothing to entry. God normalized spectrum still remain at fiveheaven. She faint smile. Even if only five. Also sufficient. She cherished Odyssey drunk shadow magic evening walk.; Nothing to fear. not far away. Five Youyuanerjin footsteps. Quiet laugh flying landing. Miao looked behind to follow in a few people. Illegal channels: dry for ten days. Almost enough. Regulus in addition to four million nonwater and see. The other two seemed to be somewhat cautious.; Walk through the ceremony. Secluded gorgeous smile to the lips for the first time makes them a flash ek God smile. Four to face intriguing. Yuan nonadvanced yet she smiled. Liu Riverside like to be scared. Your eyes are always afraid to lift. Blue book put blush on floating suspiciously pale skinned. Regulus water see the slight frown. quiet smile to face to make them close at heart.; Lazy opening: “Please four to one practice nothing serious kind enough to help me slow entry Hey trick how ” a question. But it is irresistible to breath. Only four road she wanted to test their martial arts school. Not shirk. Static allocation and other quiet laugh. can not keep quiet laugh slightest reference to the meaning of the school. She had only one head to: the extent of a few people hit the ground to pieces. She knew. That is a strong selfesteem of any one man can not accept to do.; “together on it.” quiet laughter in the hands of pliant pull two Jianhua, smiling standing. no doubt, she started out on a contempt play four gesture. Four people in the eye, eyes staggered, separation, see Regulus water palm strike to take the lead.; quiet laugh not avoid, since they no weapons, she will also be pliant hidden in the elbow of his left finger gas gathering, straight down the water to see Zhang Yuan Regulus Regulus water quickly see halfway closed palm, he knew This speed is not fast finger, gravel also, not to mention the meat palm. Quiet drink out laughing: “smart!” Meta turned to fight nonplug.; 20 strokes short while passed, laughter is the play did not stay quiet hands, forcing four people do not want to really fight finally flashed weapons. Quiet laughter aroused, she waited at the moment is! SG immediately restrained, as defensive, they get serious, she did not dare Ji Gong Mengjin.; Sure enough, she had expected, they did not have one was Yongshou, for a moment, the amount has been oozing quiet little laugh fragrant perspiration, hair is also a nonsweep a few yuan, want to be excited by her four Debu light, which What is different master and servant are shuffled around the window. seems really have to spend,; laughing dark road. She parried yuan nonsoft sword, suddenly overstating Zhang Xu, double stacked leveraging, throw a few people, then stepped from the shadow magic evening drunk step, combined with the fortysix type to get into the fray. After four horror, settled down,; but obviously, they are an absolute disadvantage, can not distinguish the true body quiet laugh, striking sword, the blade will always be stuck in the Phantom of the air. Regulus water See shouted: “eyes closed.” Another three people react, have closed his eyes. Not only for the phantom interference,; they like the blind, alone against the sound and feel. Foot kept quiet laugh, they are very sophisticated, but they underestimated her, drunk shadow magic evening walking speed, people are not accustomed to fighting blind eyes closed, with the hearing, the fear is very difficult to catch up.; brush brush, a few scarlet light flashed, four chest at the outer shirt and coat has been thoroughly planned sword, split a long hole in one finger, but no loss of flesh and a half points. Zhengzhu few people laugh secluded received a sword, pressed thin breath, and turned to leave, to go away until,; clear voice and not a trace of emotion, then floated four ears: “My husband, of course, have too strong for me. you still have eleven months and 17 days. ” nontext: a one thousand disappointing physique began to devastate the poor in spirit the . fever blurred eyes looks like there is a little intoxicating Pinsipinhuo yards a chapter, do not shoot me, I do not mind it would be cool,; all the Bit pro tolerate a one thousand times Caesar Johnson! I want to vote in . . I want to vote in many collections can crushed my favorites . . . I want to judge by many flowers shone . Huh Even before the stars . escape on the screen!; gifted u   Moe uuTxt. com Quanwenziban month plated Volume XXIII wrong Bureau unpredictable meaning of words: 4470 Yuan and Liu Riverside phase, as a nonsmile, looking at the other three blue books put embarrassed look, bow clenched fist, his face full of unwilling. Water alone Regulus known breath, smiled at them, feeling quite relieved,; he patted the shoulder blue book release: “The! Seems that only you have not give up, get yourself into.” blue book put glanced to see a Regulus water, then look no rebuttal and Liu Yuan nonRiverside, grunted: “useless, but lost a .” yuan non shook his head, opened scratches Road clothes: “book release,; Gezhu Do you not understand the intention of eleven months, four of us, I’m afraid no one can break Gezhu ghost unpredictable step France, eleven years perhaps have a chance. ” Regulus laughed to see the water, “Hungry! meal!” the first big step away, today,; he can be said to be relieved, had been forced to Regulus morning sky to be elected, he would boss the uncomfortable, he hate being put in a bunch of people, make a woman look like items like pick. He acknowledged that he had seen be quiet laugh the most stunning woman, but in his heart, but crosspiece bucket of master and servant, he would respect her loyalty to her,; assisted her, but . difficult for him to stand in a Men love her perspective. Three days later, seems to be too quiet laugh blow was not enough, dinner hours, she will summon four to refrain hall together, this feast without food only wine. She said: “My husband,; when the pride of man is never drunk.” addition to the blue book release is desperately Mengguan this sentence, the other three just can not be reconciled in the men’s specialty drink such a defeat, but also golf intense. Results: The Blue Book Enlarge drunk for three days. Regulus water See yuan noninverted under the table, is ChenMo back into their courtyard. Liu Riverside also better, vomited twice,; fell four times, threw back reluctantly residence. It seems quiet smile . half of the evening’s drinking water, Mouguang clear, in Miaomiao  Winded in the dawn drink alone. another several days, laughing quiet resurgence of interest, please call Miaomiao to four in the afternoon a poly.; Get the answer, so she smiled half a day. Liu Riverside, Yuan Africa, Regulus water while Tuibing see only wore blue book put some pale face should be about. Miaomiao put tea, laughing quiet place of primary and secondary with blue book sitting. she looked at the blue book put a moment, his eyes says naked words: never give up,; so she had some headaches. She said: “My husband only when there is a stunning ancient and modern, simpler today, together right.” blue book put heard, relaxed a chuckle:. “Please Gezhu of the Union.” quiet laugh blinked. Sly light flashed.; “However, to add some punishment but if I lose.’ll Promise you a request. Whatever you if lost. Nobile Seduction. Wanji heavy makeup. Walk around like in the mountains.” blue lips twitch put a few books. In turn,; with some lighted. Teeth and said: “Good!” laugh secluded won tea cup. Smells do not drink. “I briefly some ground Alliance: universal chromophore” blue book put unthinkingly. The second line has: “Five Lakes and Phoenix.” “Yes! pine Three Friends of Winter.” The Blue Book put a little thinking for a moment and said:.; “taoxing Li Chunfeng stretch.” quiet eyes a bright smile, but also out of a joint. You come to me, a martial arts for seven or eight persons have been associated. Blue book put a little bit proud, quiet laughter call Miaomiao withdrawal cold tea, about time, she Gogo lips,; a single word: “Dry gossip, gossipkun, Babaliushisi Gua, Gua Gua universe has fixed! ” blue book put frowned, fingers knock armrests, issued a “Tuk tuk tuk” sound. laugh quiet and let him go bruising, blazing new products mouth brew tea,; silent meditation and so on. a little time goes by, put the blue book no longer intimate knowledge of the early start time, anxious that a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. Quiet laugh adjourned pending a tea, I saw the blue book put fist hit on a few small rosewood, decadent and said: “! Gezhu please enlighten me.” “Luan nine sound,; the sound of Phoenix nine, ninety eighty sound, the sound of happy couple roar.” Naruto character of a drop, not to look at the Blue Book quiet laugh at this Daileng face put on Miaomiao said: ” speed connection, Miaomiao help him dressing dressing. ” Miaomiao some sympathy to his face to see a burst of white blue red book release, Light said:. “Please come with me.;” When one of his daughters dressed be wandering in Tianmen, coincidentally trio plead illness cured, are gathered in one place, without leaving Regulus water see the blue face, pointing to enlarge laugh more than the book, some kind of nondollar, hold laughing face Biede dark, Liu Riverside looked weird, it seems fortunate,; thanks to listening to the water Regulus see it, did not go to join in the fun. blue book put chest dramatic ups and downs, was about to attack, Regulus see the water came up, patting him on the shoulder and said: “Blue Brothers do not have embarrassed Genei how many people are relying on turning over Dragon Tiger Chuang Court. Lord really is Gezhu, ha ha ha ha! ” yuan non longer wait any longer,; bent over holding the abdomen, did not smile very image. blue book put nuji, trying to get involved, and that the three departed early Guaijue laugh, he never thought this day embarrassments, straight people remember being ten years . refrain from laughing at the hall sitting quiet, while sorrowful piano ear,; sounds, there are intractable thoughts, I’m sorry things complaint, but also with some faintly apologetic. Such sounds, out of a voluntary master’s hands. She almost forgot to commit early cloud meaning, selfblame, she thought for a moment,; called ChenMo immediately sent to investigate Yu Xiao Shen Xue country life. very evening, not too thick stack of dossiers placed in front of quiet laughter. She did not expect the Tianmen archived confidential, the woman happens to have this information. She drew expand. Hang Kaishu line without emotion record Xiao Shen snow half. Xiao Shen Xue, born in rivers and lakes,; martial unknown, then thirties occasional feather emperor, and coincidentally under Emperor Yu save a life, two cordial, Xiao Shen Xue antiout martial, throw freedom, into the palace, feather Dili row of heavy resistance, but its closure is Princess.; A year later, at the beginning Xiao Yu Emperor Shen Xue gave birth to six princes cloud meaning, Jin is Royal, pet crown Palaces. But in the end intolerable lakes woman in the royal family, plus being framed, says his background very thick stab two concubines, Chodo with royalty in all sorts of pressure, although not its Offences Emperor Yu,; but not complex Love at first the. Xiao Shen Xue complain of pain at this time, the second son of empathy generals willing Jin Zheng Xi, the two set a live Oath of life and death. Xiao Shen Xue with a shock of martial arts, and is willing to Jin dark compliment for up to ten years. Its portability is willing Jin had wanted to flee three times, his father was still willing Jin Yi Chodo difficult to get out refused. Twentyseven years until the celebration party,; the defeat was a dark plume Emperor strips, but the title did not go, locked up in the palace. So wither’s family also willing to lose, Manmenchaozhan, one person alone is willing to be rescued Jin mysterious woman . careful reading, laughing secluded Bile Yan . cloud meaning the beginning,; she is willing to bring in the end that should not master She was a little confused, she did not think the snow turned out to be the mother of Xiao Shen Yun intended early. In the end is the beginning of the cloud meaning in what state of mind, will make her that Jin would like to bring a word Logically, as an ambitious prince, the mother is not designed only to be his shame, and why he was willing to let the socalled mother carrying her lover flee That night, she was awake, remembering willing to master the piano in the outpouring of affection,; when she finally made a decision . white window paper morning, laughing quiet one gorgeous dress sitting opposite willing Jin, I do not know how long the opening. She looked at him, we can say, in addition to his music, his whole person as a backwater, still no desire to seek a degree.; “willing to master, Wang Yu Kwok Shui dragged me with words to you.” willing Jin silent for a moment and said:. “I do not know this person.” quiet smile that he intended his words otherwise, she smacks her Minchun, get rid of that hesitation, decided to continue to say that he and Xiao Shen all the snow from the paper and looked, nothing exciting,; but dull behind She guessed how thrilling biting lingering. Light voice she, “meaning early cloud ask you, Xiao Shen Xue crazy, now you do not want to take her vow emigrated.” willing Jin obvious pick, facial expressions twisted into a weird freeze, he thought, this life will no longer hear the name Xiao Shen Xue did not expect .; moment, blew the whistle on his lips quivering sentence: “She . how she would . Why” It seems that after the things he slightest knowledge. Quiet tone could not help but laugh a little heavy: “Exactly how mad I did not found any plans whatever you do, I would like to help you, perhaps intended to be the beginning of our collaboration from the cloud” “cloud cloud intended meaning early early . . Rui Wang .;” May Jin exposed agonizing look, for a long while, he was a rude awakening, “meaning cloud clouds early . . I should have thought, no wonder shown signs That child, I could feel his intense hatred, not hatred .; well . not only intended to kill . Yes ah! addition to Shen Xue children, who could be born like that look like . ” He instantly fell into memories, grief showing a rare expression of gentle, quiet laugh to read, and she knows that this is the beginning of a gentle cloud meaning .; she remembered a year ago with the intention cloud Zaiyu early, ride a car When that fairy extremely desolate demeanor, tan, willing Jin with his feelings, Barbara weird . she is willing to let Jin stuck memories, could not bear to disturb, silently waiting for his decision. Once that love is too silly,; even now no longer year elegance beauty, he would save her out of the tall golden cage it! The socalled love, why would they just only as a bladder. willing to break free from the memories of Jin, is already less than half an hour after his lip pale fingers fumbled lit a stove sandalwood, and finally said: “Today, I stay together and she also Youhemianmu Bale Bale . Niezhai .; ah! ” quiet laugh hesitated and asked: ” you hold anything against her.” willing Jin slowly shook his head, pulled a wry smile, “I’m a one hundred eightyfour, are two bad romance I killed, I linger live alone in the world, is should mention . how can I repeat,; then wash jiange drag king . and . with the Swiss, “he paused, smiled quiet dignified on:” The struggle with the day, and ground fighting, are tolerated, but not to touch the bottom line of feather emperor, he loves heavy snow,; love to twist, but unfortunately he strangled her love for him, if his heart was heavy snow last softly, now Emperor Yu heart as cold iron, more horrible . so do not value us lives at risk. ” laugh secluded paused, thought for a moment, her bow out.; She knows quite willing Jin mood, not love, and to hear the name of Xiao Shen Xue moment from him, she would see through his heart can not hide the love and pain, perhaps because of their own and TANTAI Qin fruitless Love War She could not accept to let the two of them on this apart, until the die of old age ending. A few days later, she was summoned ChenMo. ChenMo always expression,; so laugh secluded feel at ease, she squeezed the hands of the two letters, the final push to level the letter in front of Chen Mo said: “one, to bring the country 瑞王云 meaning early birds, do not let anyone find one. , home to the main living bamboo wind white hearts, can not let Court Azeri know. ” ChenMo only moment of doubt,; then ends up in the arms of the two letters, neatly line of a ceremony, ready to go immediately. Huan Zhu quiet smile he said: “! Slow” She looked him in the eye and never leaked mind, seems to seek, deemed to be the command and asked: ” coming back this time, you willing and Miaomiao married.” ChenMo Zhengleng,; wonder never avoid the Miaomiao Gezhu today will move him into the room alone. Miaomiao, which is already being Zhizou for not two letters, but for this last sentence. “so many years, she did not say that you do not ask, his daughter home the most valuable in the past few years, so drag Do not say you do not see Miaomiao on your mind, even if she is,; no matter how hidden, hiding the Everyone, hiding from me and you. ” ChenMo quiet laugh listening to pick out, and no longer hide, bluntly said: “I understand.” “You do not like Miaomiao” He shook his head, only one sentence: “Now is not the time, perhaps,; than I do not want to marry her eventually, but she did not want to marry me.” He seems to be afraid to laugh quiet then asked, weeping eyes, and turned away. quiet laugh confused . she read out from ChenMo heavy mind’s eyes, this is the first time. Impression,; ChenMo is reticent, ruthless, even as simple as there is no sense of presence, but he is absolutely loyal, be entrusted. Admission to understand everyone around her, but do not want the original everyone has known, secretly buried in the depths of my heart. Chen Mo,; No No

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House should untie morning sky internal forces sealed road, since TANTAI Qin to her life Yasumori on Tianmen, to martial arts what purpose Anger, hate, scared,; hurt, pain, unable to vent into the whole calm, calm to the people almost Biede crush . he wanted her away from danger, do not face her again, but would not accept her feelings, so he leave. He wants to repay his guilt Ming Chu circles,; so he let her come when this Gezhu. He would not carry her debt situation, he wants to break up her mind, so she chose to make his prolaw. He was afraid she was not married, so he used to threaten . never meet her this is okay She wanted to immediately cut open his heart to see . in the end is what to do . there is an expression that never faded from her young face,; disappear. What is not clear . but . she is really very important to have the same thing, never find it back. Amnesia like a man, just remember he had lost his precious treasure, but not remember what treasures, where to look for.; less than half an hour’s time . she experienced a heart from birth to death in the process, also completed a metamorphosis . she was at a loss to himself: original illusions will not hurt you, nice . UU   League uUtXt. CoM Quanwenziban Guangdong plated vol wrong Bureau Chapter XXII rouge tired Words: 3453 main room, the setting sun cast into the window, how to look somewhat bleak.; Regulus morning empty finger unconsciously Nianzhao silvery white beard, deep in thought, already 26, his elusive smile from her mind quiet move, he thought, laughing tryst trouble, cry, shouting at once to find TANTAI Qin’s whereabouts, she surging fierce temper under pure appearance,; as well as exactly the same stubbornness and Tantai Qin, encountered such a situation, then he does not accidentally mess. But he miscalculated, one should measure with the rhetoric was prepared to have off the air. He thinks if the palm of a child, in the end is already grown up, he also had not read her. first day,; do not eat, do not drink laugh quiet, blissful silence. Qin retreat just as the year when TANTAI. second day, she was beyond all expectations, as usual started eating three meals a day does not fall, Miaomiao end to what she ate anything, but still just words do not spit.; third day, she was out the door, and sat burning Zixuan patio lake blue burn all the clothes. Harm we thought to go into the water to grab, she wore a plain white unlined, stand in the wind, two eyes filled with color, I do not know to be smoked, or .; cold glance cry, some frightening. On the fourth day , she finally spoke, not to mention things throne, called the Court into the room where the tailor. When the three dark master tailor asked nervously, only get one answer: “But the Lord is going to do less clothes.” fifth day,; she was holding that altar wine king, into the seventh heaven, forbidden door now, never someone to intercept her, because she has no need for Elam. When nightfall, she was emptyhanded out, nobody knew what she was drinking wine, the king,; and smashed, or sealed in a forbidden inside. seeing the sixth day before, the morning air Regulus repeated consideration, decided to go to persuade quiet laugh. He could not bear to force her, when a teenager, he had actually hurt feelings over the taste experience, it is not enough to describe the pain of osteoclasts.; But he can give her, only this quiet just a few days. Decision not to laugh quiet day, all principals are dragged here, no master the Grievances be, when the course of time, and inevitably give birth to more trouble. He sighed, leaning Zhuoan slowly got up.; Because of profound skill, he can be described as Hefatongyan Barbara, the vicissitudes of years left, no engraved on the face, but to dissolve every movement, every look. In recent years, he sprouted out of a difficult subside tired, but .; he can not rest, worried that the girl ah . when Regulus morning sky towards the main hall, just scattered from every pore vicissitudes has quietly hid his dignified to blanch Zixuan away. burning Zixuan, so still if not popular, Regulus frowned morning sky, raised his hand has not knocking home plate, just listen to the door and said: “Master,; please wait venue and the main hall, laughing children went to.” This sound is still clear, but the tone has not hear the former shadow. Regulus morning sky a moment, had confided to prepare lines were laughing quiet word blocking back, she invited him to the main hall, for fear that a decision has been made, she once again let him surprise.; He remembered nine years ago, Nama vigil in the heart of Taiwan’s small figure Shen, a few days to stabilize slightly hanging heart, the bones of the child and will not blow things deterioration. She’s tough, like rushes. But, she made the decision is good or bad, he can not hear from her tone half points,; hesitating a moment. laugh secluded Nianqi rouge box on the dressing table, eyes slightly lowered, softly on the door of Regulus morning Kongdao: “Laughing children should also not let Master disappointed.” Regulus heard this morning sky An irrepressible distressed, stuck in the throat, Biede some sour. Although she , but still too young,; after all, just a few days, the overall situation, how to recover the mood to face difficult road ahead, he knew, more than gratified, and how can we not feel bad. TANTAI Qin drastic decision, he had opposed,; but did not fully prevent, to some extent, the result quiet smile face today, which also has his copy. He nodded in silence, and turned to leave. laugh watching the bronze mirror in secluded places face. Lightly on the side of the trunk to Miao said: “Yan then some.” Miaomiao biting his lower lip.; Eyelash blink. Two drops of tears hit the ground. A soft knee. Kneeling in front of the quiet smile: “The Lord your little pain which is why he cried out do not take yourself so also simmering anger.!.!!” laughing eyes deep quiet.; Looked down at the ground could not stop the tears Miao. Memory. Apart from when you first met. Miaomiao never walk through this earth ceremony. Her lips provoked. Some selfdeprecating. Some tragically. Eyes actually left empty. “Get up.; Miaomiao you do not think I lit a gorgeous place look more beautiful it Mention the throne to be the big day. Haircut seems a bit lightly. Shut up. Continue it!” She looked to the bronze mirror in that blooming again to woman. Some strange. But she liked. Qin goes to TANTAI elegant way to maintain face. She saw I felt disgusted.; Ever since the burning of all the lake blue dress. She has in the past in that she thoroughly abandoned . Miaomiao did not stand up. Quiet laugh no longer speak. She knelt at the side of taking office. After a tea. Miaomiao know. Quiet laugh, what,; who advised the decision is useless. Playing small it is. Miaomiao got silent. Tears. They endure what they endure are Shoubu Zhu. Rouge smile exudes the fragrance of flowers point to quiet soft lips. Ek brilliant in color. positive hall. Three main relatively dark meditation.; Quiet laugh when entering the door. Being weird and amazing trio went to look. She 先向 Triple ceremony: “The yuan, dark blue two main quiet laugh to turn away a few days ago especially to civil action” duo quickly salute. Respectful: “not.” laugh quiet nod, calm and dignified every move seems to have been a Gezhu eminence. She turned to Regulus morning Kongdao: “Master, laughing children ready today throne.;” Regulus morning sky look at her, “the hour is late today, as tomorrow morning.” quiet smile and shook his head, looked straight into the eyes of Regulus morning sky and said: “Genei may have allowed to rule the night ceremony held throne” trio shook his head. quiet laugh pick brow slightly, “it today.” categorically, no doubt.; Shen station, hundreds of people standing silence, they remembered less elegant peerless master, today changed their attitude, brilliant makeup under the sun comparable peonies, brilliant and impressive, just make people feel difficult to look beautiful, stimulating senses, one rose red costumes with consistency,; longsleeved swing to bring out the voluptuous figure, rounded petals layers of gold thread embroidery on the skirt out of a pile of nightblooming cereus bloom, campfire under the shade of bright eyecatching, Epiphyllum, now only one flower, everyone puzzled, but also the feeling that ominous. Quiet laugh its own way, all eyes turn a blind eye to such qualities,; such as lotus her original beauty, into a wildfire, her wanton swaying in the night wind, no one seems to be able to control her, maybe, just close, it will burns, incineration . finally into a fly ash.; quiet laugh go step by step to offering a SanSheng the incense table. Sections worshiped. Heaven, Jide, offering ancient Gezhu, she hints at the three main next step dark suit. The admonition by the former Gezhu the wash jiange a ring gauge, change is replaced by Regulus morning sky. laugh quiet morning Regulus looked up empty lip,; one of a, he said, washed jiange Gezhu lusts shall not ruined, quiet laugh pick pick lips, in addition to Regulus morning sky, and no one see her it somewhat strange smile. Regulus morning sky heart of a tight, quiet has Lianqu laugh laughing looking face and put your heart, no matter how she’s feeling at this time is to listen to kneel instructed his letter,; she would never wash with the safety of calm TANTAI Qin jiange left her pain. Regulus morning quiet laugh to see the empty eyes flashing firm, closed his eyes, ah, in fact, she knows better than anyone else, she can not do . instructed not to kill in order to read later come to an end, from its founding to wash jiange have rules,; true gentleman does not kill, do not kill succulent children. Subsequently, Regulus morning to an empty Senhan bone sword pampered, sword name: “instantaneous.” Is the ancient Gezhu status symbol, but also the Chu family thing, the rivers and lakes of people without the knowledge of the existence of this sword, not to mention understanding instantaneous wash jiange importance.; Quiet laughter never seen TANTAI Qin use the sword, but just to see that she had felt it revealed a strange atmosphere. She took his hands, Koushou again, stood up, turned around, the instantaneous Pengguo head in public. Bone Sword of the Lord, we must first be in control of their own blood to feed.; The blade on a quiet laugh finger ask, glaring at the aweinspiring white on red blooming open like a vampire instantaneous animals, blood pouring pulled her body, until the entire blade bleed Scarlet, only gradually stopped. Quiet laugh with complex eyes have been looking at it in the morning empty Regulus guidance will tip aligned palms, I saw a little bit of a long bone sword not into the skin and eventually disappear completely in her arms, no trace of pain, as if This relation is instantaneous as fit as part of her body.; Meanwhile, the owner of the ceremony knees, neat Koushou. Yi Mei flying in quiet overlooking the crowd laughing, Enron Shouli. A pair of eyes, like stars in the night sky it can no longer purely a flashing light, more than anything, a little something,; no one read it to understand. Chen Sheng announced she ascended the throne after the first command trying to find a little tear cinnabar neck born a woman, three of five states, regardless of ethnic identity. She does not believe, do not receive such a large net primary only days phoenix bird. She did not mention looking TANTAI Qin, because she knows that to find, will find them,; maybe even three Dark Lord already knew where he went, as he can retreat, as if he was determined to see her, she again ingenuity futile. He left the book has been put to understand the situation unless she married off, otherwise never meet in the period. She thought he was her screened several candidates, stomach burst crest. Fingers tracing the outline of the skirt Epiphyllum,; he was a dew point in her life, she saved the brink of danger. But his bond with her, just as the morning dew and the nightblooming cereus, is right close horizon. First reading of the book that day to stay “married” this structure is not complicated word, strokes are like a sharp dagger, inserted into the heart, the extreme pain,; already numb, she told him, was that disheartened not . is more appropriate to her heart is dead, you can not marry him, then Jiashui what is the difference tomorrow, she may choose the pleasure of seeing him as her good husband, a good home for what kind!  H     League UutXt.;CoM interpretation mosquitoes version read ditch wrong Bureau Volume XXIII fan video Words: 3017 main room, laughing sitting Theme quiet high, bright makeup as last night, she casually stroked the thick white bearskin seat, the three main Peizuo Ceshou dark, standing in front of her four young. From the four entered the room, she did not look up at them, the air flows with awkward taste,; Yuan Qing Ke Dark Lord could not resist a few times, description: “Gezhu, dark blue left hand side of the first one is the main The youngest son, the blue book release this year, seventeen second place is decrepit grandson, Yuan Africa, two ten two year. third is Regulus Dark Lord’s grandson, Regulus water view,; this eighteen last one is Tantai Gezhu love will, is now the youngest recruited Court, Riverside willow hall mirror word, just turned twenty. ” laugh secluded eyes when he mentioned TANTAI Gezhu the word, such as acute as shooting arrows piercing Riverside willow, willow Riverside stunned, he saw the undisguised hatred from her eyes, wait on reflection,; he weeping eye, look respectful. Ek quiet laugh lips trace of smile, no one can understand, and that obviously white smile with sarcasm. She brazenly looked up and down the willow Riverside again, and then look to see Regulus water next to him, Regulus water see a slight bow, quite Chongrubujing strength of character.; Quiet laugh or not opening his eyes swept the blue book release and nondollar ultimately look out the window a cloud. blue book for her to put this somewhat neglected tightness, left hidden in the sleeve clenched fist. In the end to some nonYuan Road, with one of calm, not very concerned about the look. quiet laugh looking at that cloud in the blue sky in comfortable stretch, wind and dance, face some sidewalks,; but their thoughts, not the slightest association with intoxication. Last night, she had thought, and now she Jiashui are the same, but when you actually see it four, she knew she could not. On appearance, the blue book put most overhangs,; not as intended and leaves from the beginning of the cloud, is also regarded as one in a million characters. On tolerance, water comes Regulus see, he got really pass Regulus morning empty. Means strategy on talent, per nonshe had heard. As Liu Riverside . her dark eyes flash of light,; his temperament and appearance similar TANTAI third of Qin, she hates it similar. Three Dark Lord have picked her own age and consistency of the heirs, except willow Riverside, she knew, must be TANTAI Qin pro choice, he thought to find a substitute, she will feel grateful and lifelong marriage He would be too do not understand her, or say that he had never thought of going to read to her.; While she never dared sad face provoked hatred, love and hate, the original line really only difference. Her own worth, as so many of the Chilian worth, the four, not to mention her mind during the conflict with respect, is irrelevant, she would not marry because of their eyes,; there is amazing, There is polite, loyal, but only that there is no love! laugh deep breathing, selfdeprecating smile, this world where so much love at first sight They now stand here for her choice, nothing is a TANTAI Qin command, since not love her and marry her,; and she then why not play some big Married, she would marry! Not only will marry, but also marry people of the world do know, everyone can be so selfish, why she can not be selfish once withdraw her sight, the three main eleven dark look at the past, still not a word, but her eyes convey not satisfied attitude.; morning sky seems to Regulus had expected the outcome would be like this, he Long Long beard and said:. “might as well stay in the mountains of four left.” quiet laugh that she does not know how this eye more than the pores and also how to play the Master abacus. Rijiushengqing This move was not for her combination. She thought for a moment, bright smiles:. “Well, for one year.;” presence are clever people naturally understand both what to say. Yuan, blue two could not think of a better way, not to mention there of their own candidates heirs, even if not, they can not be tied to the marriage quiet laugh. Since no one has objections, it is so set down. addition to Regulus help laughing staying quiet morning air,; the other two dark conjunction with the three main principals in succession down all away, put the blue book, who was placed in the courtyard near the burning Zixuan stay. That night, Miao insinuations laugh quiet the mind, and ultimately get a very disappointing answer, her Gezhu, marry a pig marry a dog that will not marry four, Miaomiao puzzled I was laughing more secluded worry,; do not Prepare to laugh so quiet life Since it will not marry, why not say so, but also leave them to live in the mountains quiet laugh also have their own calculations, she will not say do not marry the word, after all, the dark Lord is hereditary, too explicit will hurt the incumbents now face. Itself, as she Gezhu,; reelection is a move subordinate to her husband no longer awkward awkward to move, she just let these people do not dare say face to marry her words will suffice. She will throw in the dressing table comb side, stretch out on the bed center, eyes squint squint a little ill . The next day maybe she’ll be busy. ten days after dawn. Shen quiet smile standing alone units

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, The audience has someone finds that she would lose. a tea later, I saw the beginning of the meaning and leaves from the cloud, Lazi are getting slower and slower, leaves from the smiling face has also thickened. Quiet laugh alone, do not change the look.; Why, because she did not understand chess in the mystery. On the surface, is she an enemy with war two games, in fact, true that the war is just two Ningmei thinking it, she, Oh, but a Baiqi person.; Have to do is very simple, which recognize the leaves from the lower line of the column in which, after the cloud as it is intended to put the game in the beginning, and then in the same way, then the cloud meaning Lazi beginning to see, remember, put the leaves from the board, regardless of who wins the two of them, the final winner will only be her.; The audience will not see the chess game, naturally not suspicious, meaning and leaves early cloud alienate her body blocking the line of sight, the two of them would not naturally suspicious, fathom the mystery, it is estimated that only bamboo heart, but never mind bamboo betrayed her, the more simple trick, the more people sometimes unpredictable shades.; Over time, the disc black and white, intricate, laugh more and more carefully secluded Jingwei number, wrong a child, she would lose completely. twilight sky, the crowd of spectators, but no one left,; the chess game is almost complete, everyone is nervously looking forward to the results. Leaves from the pawn back in the hands Nianzhao chess box, looked intently quiet laugh and said:. “The next lost, Chu girl turned out to be not born of genius” saying that, in an uproar. Since it has been lost from the leaves, then the beginning of the cloud meaning win or lose,; it has become meaningless. meaning early cloud did not move, sitin there, his eyes stayed locked case in front of chess. Yes, he won. But he also understands that a little bit of luck to win. The Bureau began his playing mentality of the hold left hand, but only fifteen son,; he has had all the spirit of the challenge of playing. Lazi quiet laugh, seemingly himself, but in reality step by step the hidden blade, Ming back into reality, this is not like her next draw chess. He looked away from the disk, tightly locked her silhouette, she simultaneously fight two,; but also pushed him to that position, although he SHINELITE defeat. He will quietly separate pieces, put into boxes. Difficult to export wins, so everyone thought he also throw in the towel. Wizards of the names on this quiet laughter spread to the world. wine king laugh natural vest quiet. midnight,; Behind the museum, took heart bamboo quiet laugh and said:. “sister has a QiQiao exquisite heart of today’s scene, for the others, fear is already automatically exit the bureau” laugh quiet smile: “it is just opportunistic.” Bamboo Heart stood and looked at the side of the king of wines, usually laughing Youruo got wine, will put aside all things, drank say others.; Today was uncharacteristically, are not asked: ” This wine, my sister not to spoil yourself.” laugh quiet moment of silence, finally implemented, said: “is owed to a person, but I do not think well, how to give him.” She looked up look of bamboo heart continued: “Bamboo sister,; the event has ended, but I have no place to go, you want to stay here at least a few days, my sister can find me in trouble ” bamboo heart lengleleng, she did not understand the quiet laugh jiange less expensive for the main wash, how would say there is no place to go. She doubts, but not the military, not to mention the pain of eyes flashed quiet laugh,; so she could not bear to ask. “Those who have not finished the story, do you think you go off it.” two phases depending grin. hesitated a moment of quiet laugh, he finally asked out my heart to think:. “Bamboo sister Why so help me.” “love.” simple word,; so quiet laugh some shame, bamboo heart depends on their likes and dislikes of love and hate, and asked out of this sentence, she looked down the heart of the villain. She apologized micro blush: “I’m sorry.” bamboo heart did not care, but also her smile. next day, most guests leave after another,; this year’s event, because of the quiet laugh, make them something more to say at the same time, a very long time in the coming years has also been a lot of talk. quiet laugh since taken the wine, no appearances, this early in the morning to Miao holding three letters. Apart from a leaf farewell stickers, his work really is to do the whole etiquette.; One was delivery of stickers, Linghui between words like she has to teach the meaning of the mantle, and agreed evening saw. Finally, one from Tianmen, she opened letterhead, a few numbers, she tears difficult to myself, “the situation is dangerous,; fast return.” She knew that this word TANTAI Qin autograph, respectively, over the past year, he finally . back Go back . at least that altar wine king to personally escort her back is not it Can go after that His parents wrote letters, is not representative, has also changed his mind If not,; facing him, her own place . How kind of heartache, how she wants to endure daily . her to get rid of these concerns, Qingsi is disarray if the patient can not meet as seen in pain, then leave it wants . she missed him, mad to miss him .; so . “Miao Miao, packed up, tomorrow we go home.” she breaks through his tears at Miaomiao hesitantly watching. she first wrote replies, is to Zhao He is. Right now she bent plug the wings to fly back, where there is any mood to learn.; However, the three countries were moving , astronomy, geography, the five elements astrology, Machiavellian deception and both pass, although she declined his offer, and I hope with becoming Wangnianzhijiao. To Zhao He’s mind,; certainly do not blame her. Finished the letter, she let Miaomiao sent immediately. Since leaving the heart of the bamboo resignation, she straightened appearance, bamboo hearts go alone courtyard. bamboo heart does not retain, looked quiet laugh conceal the joy, she had no reason to stay.; They sit and chat for a while, until the quiet laugh leave, bamboo heart could not resist:. “This do not know what day Goodbye, my sister, and I would like to be good sworn knot” laugh secluded lengleleng back of the hand holding the bamboo heart, “willing to matter.” moment, bamboo heart is not set those virtual ceremony,; ordered the feast, filled two glasses, pray to heaven and said: “Today, with the Chu Bamboo Heart Yijiejinlan sister home, not for the same month on the same date of birth, but for the same month on the same day dead, with wine as proof. ” quiet laughter interrupted her, “Sister,; this word is not good. remember arsenal ranked in the broadsword it actually called by a” Three Kingdoms “book. Shujun Liu Bei, Guan Yu and righteous brother, Liu Bei could aspirations to the world, but also because of righteousness because of righteousness into defeat and I do not want the same month with her sister died the same day, if I die, my sister would want to live better, so this is a bad word.; ” “the sister said to how we go” “gods of heaven and earth as a warning, Chu quiet laugh with bamboo sister Yijiejinlan heart today, but to leave is not incompatible with laughter with drunk.” bamboo heart eyes light up with laughter with drunk, so beautiful . her drinking cup full of wine, a palmsized Darksteel the token into the hands quiet laugh and said: “Royal Water Palace, bird Yao Tong token, If in the future there is the Royal Palace of water with you embarrass people see so will give a bit Thin but my sister behaved nature,; perhaps less than, it will be a keepsake to carry around. ” she really is the person . Royal Water Palace quiet laugh no decline, the token carefully put away, because she really need this token. She rolled her carry things, actually could not find a decent keepsake, embarrassed smile and said:.; “But I can not find anything to my sister.” Bamboo open heart laugh, smile mischievously unplug quiet a few black hair and said:. “This token of respect when” Behind the quiet return laugh Museum, is in the afternoon, saw under the sun, a navy blue figure stand quietly in front of the hospital, she paused, stepped forward today is over,; he intersection with her it ends up here . u quiet book Meng uUtXT.CoM Quanwenziban reading vol wrong Bureau CHAPTER Xue Words: 3707 “looking for me” cloud meaning back early, will be looking at her. laugh and so quiet for a moment, intolerance, pushed Behind museum courtyard, he laid hold of her wrist, forced some weight,; she frowned, he let go a little embarrassed to ask: ” you want to go back.” she did not turn around, “Where is my home.” home . . Tianmenshan his absence was her home, and that his home and where The age of fifteen former palace residence Jiuhua Rui Palace now . or not .; not . . . but he is not playing chess seats, power struggle gathering places. Originally, she was happier than him. he relieved smile: “I came to see him, but also the farewell.;” she Chen Sheng: “Now send over, also resigned over.” “Why” she did not know what he was asking is, but seems to have understood. he can not wait for her answer, turn around, “Jin would like for me to take care of, ask him one, Xiao Shen Xue crazy,; he is now reluctant to take her vow emigrated” him out of the ten steps, she turned and said: “I will bring.” he stopped. Shuran turn. “Chu laughs quiet!” Do not be. He is the one she would like to call names. Her home. He had no right to her into the royal family that dirty.; But he would not pull the plug. Never! His eyes Shining. Even she seems to want to ignite together. she Ceshou. Avoid. A hairpin grazed her swing in the wind light hair. Nailed to the courtyard. “If you do not receive this,; I will send Tianmenshan!” He strode away. Leave a frown to her. She looked at the branch still open to Magnolia. Eyes light together. Unplug the end. In her hand. It turned out he is also dedicated to people like her . .; this evening. She was asleep early. But sleep is not stable. Night. Purple robe to be gods and goblins. Scrambling to turn her dreams. She desperately wanted to get rid of unauthorized break into this piece of private land fairy fantasy land. How can erase all the charm goes to the face. Hidden until he hung in memory to smirk .; she woke up . no sleep. She will wrap themselves in the Jinbei. Window paper looked a little washed out. Then hear Miaomiao gently clasp door. The departure of the . bamboo heart did not come to send. Underboss white Saar. Tower door to tell her.; Bamboo Heart do not like parting. So he took off. Early cloud reportedly agreed yesterday night and left. That’s good. she taken the wind white home, the door early buggy parked, a threeish Jingzhuang man immediately went up to a simple ceremony and said:. “subordinate to welcome the little master back to Court.” She looked at him about it,; she did not ever seen this man . Is the mountain when she was not Jin’s new Look at the four behind him, but also students face. “little lord on the train.” heart under her doubts, but still nodded and Miaomiao got into the car. white carriage left the ranks of wind, out of the city after Dan Lu, paused,; then her strange man also got in the car. quiet laugh look at him, only to find anything wrong. Men’s sly eyes light flash, the action against the car wall hint of the old state, and had just shown signs of a different person. “girl, you really do not make people worry.” this sounds .; her hesitation, tentatively: “Master” Regulus morning sky proud nod. moment her sweet smile, his face was negative, I think that a few words, the situation is dangerous TANTAI Qin letter on, in the end to what extent, it needs to Regulus morning sky come and pick her up “Master, tell me,; in the end is the Royal Palace or water to kill sniff the smell of January” Regulus morning sky helplessly at her, she was so smart and knew immediately what had happened, she would leave those clues, they probably all these years to protect her too well, she knows the lakes dangerous, do not understand in the end how the lakes storm Kuangmeng. “Two.” her silence . two .; Who’s behind these two is Her road, it is like a pit, in the end she does not explore. “girl, think about, think it is useless to go back there to bother to do great things.” “big” she puzzled. Regulus morning sky apparently unwilling to detail that sigh: “old myself, the spirit in the end better than the year.;” Then shut eye to repose. not ask her, but also understand that he does not want to say, ask no good, go back and will know. Regulus morning sky will be very tight itinerary, there is no way to do almost anything to stay, day and night, nineteen days later,; laughing quiet again see the Tianmen top of the snow . air and she came here nine years ago, the same taste in the tongue leaving a trace of sweet. “Come on girl, what made this stay” She took a deep breath few, he saw her come back, what will be the mood . Regulus morning sky stopped her footsteps into the main hall, will lead to her heart sink units,; she puzzled, “what to do” “to you know.” Shen Taiwan, Ukraine pressure pressure stood nearly 100 people, two people come to see, tidy respectful obeisance:. “under the less seen the Lord.” laugh quiet morning with empty eyes Regulus asked: how so many people Regulus morning sky also slips obeisance and said:. “Court in the country in three principal full attendance.;” she surprised inexplicable, avoid his ritual, propped him: “They will not only called me back to the mountains to meet it.” She had quite a good hunch. “Of course not, they come for you to continue Gezhu bit.” so, she is not got it wrong, succeeded to the throne TANTAI Qin boomer,; which is what the singing. Could it be . She grabbed Regulus morning empty sleeve, eagerly asked: “!! Him what he wants anything where he quickly told me” Regulus morning air while she is no preparedness, San Liangxia point of her major to , sealing her internal forces. She stunned the more doubts.; “Gezhu gone this is the book he gives you to stay.” she pulls out a thick letterhead, bold font toggle heartbeat. laughing children: you said, I’m willing to hold wash jiange, I wonder count your commitment. If the count, then you see the letter from this day honored. The right to hold it or let it ruin because of you,; I gave you all, because this is your wash jiange this. I hope that you will continue to guard and not removed from the arena, and ultimately destroy it. you wonder why I say that it was originally yours. Twenty years ago, my selfish conceal the home division will, in order to compete Ling smoke, so there is no will wash jiange returned to your father.; Chu family were destroyed on the night, no one knows what is the reason, that a surviving offspring, is a brother and sister. Brother to sister’s safety, to divert all the ulterior motives of the people’s attention, to live in hiding in. Sister named Chu 昭辛, sixteenyearold married to a generation Mozun her husband gave her the knife,; Hermitage Tianmen, but Mogong bite, live only thirty years old. She then founded the wash jiange looking brother I do not know where to hide, and finally his death that his brother starry country, leaving a juvenile child, but do not know where living. She and Mozun no heirs, dying Gezhu bit passed the adopted son,; and be accountable to find descendants of the Chu family, will wash jiange delivery. Generation to a generation of grievances, ultimately Gezhu the bit spread my hands. Somewhere already doomed, so I met Ming Chu circles, his dead body, I have not returned to the wash jiange that belonged to him, how much of the night when dreams of guilt,; unable to say. Fortunately, there you are, helpless and pulled some things wrong, should I still Tianmen, you will definitely go again, since both of them shall go first, how can I TANTAI Qin dove over the magpie’s nest, forcing You live on the lakes danger.; year, I do not know why you ventured alone to explore China, Yu Jin Gong countries. Should parents vendetta for the newspaper, starting today may not have to keep in mind, when the death sentence Ling smoke and your father’s people have to go six or seven of ten, not dead shall not have reason to move, and I swear that day, lifetime,; will be in addition to of. Your hands, do not tainted blood, I do not want to bear the willing Ling died of smoke. laughing children grew up, has come to unmarried older, I ordered three main selected from the dark house with a mountain of several heirs, choose one to marry and, hidden world,; the life safely. If you are still persistent, you and me daughter duo, the term never goodbye. Another: You have repeatedly asked, then go to send Mo Fan, Mo Ni robbed and killed the people who actually are, you do not have to persuade Revisited, killing two of them under the command of the membership in January,; House in January, killing the ins and outs of the investigation has been sacrificed nearly ten masters, only that the main door were killed in January this country Yao royal descent, was destroyed in the fire looks to make the person, normally wear a bronze mask to hide the ugly. Wind Tribe orphans reproduction, has alerted the January killing, you do not then its something to be implicated, at ease staying Tianmen,; the life of mind. Qin handwritten foster parent TANTAI she read from cover, calm expression do not see a trace of waves, but just because she was so scared called Regulus see the morning sky, he understood that this girl, the more calm, more will be brewing storm. She clenched letterhead, do not look at the other two approached homage dark master,; Xuanshen, turned around. Her back to the door of a public face different congregation, “Let me think .” She did not ask Hin

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. She squeezed hairpin itself,; after Bonu quietly away, we can not give him back into the spot and then, under his face in public, she did not know what happened to that fairy will do. cloud hid Italian first saw her hairpin, exposing things are expected of his look. He looked down at the hands of the wooden plaque, and seems to have to mislead the people of the world, there are unclear relationship between him and her.; He looked straight staring at her and said:. “Ice cold snow day cancellation twilight, drapes conceal hidden secluded shadow, from the broken altar Zuiwu Qing Song, and Qing eternal pessimism of” Yin stop, he ignored her cold attitude, gentle Perfectionist, this really should be a laugh sentence, instant ice and snow melt,; he retired not worry about her, but he knew told her, if not retired, he and her coresponsibility of all . laugh a few quiet heart beat chaos, there are men’s love for the first time, or as superior to mention who does not want to mess too difficult. If today he replaced TANTAI Qin, she was already afraid of tears,; not their own. Her love for TANTAI Qin, but profoundly depressed, like a flower about to bloom roses, not enough people saw, they were thrown into the vacuum chamber, then the United States, it does not make sense. She longed for the genuineness love again,; but the object will never be the beginning of the cloud meaning. He was never possible with her into the circle of intersection of two lines, birthday drink that day, does he misunderstood what . let her know that she has the capital to allow the eyes above the top of the fairy tempted, but tempted to build on He also unclear under the premise of her identity, one day, she debunked life experience, affection today,; he would be the first person to face with her weapon. her panic, she struggled early in the eyes cloud meaning, late Xiao motioned him to win, he put pick gowns, chic yet seat. next test of laughter gone quiet mood to watch until late Xiao crisp voice sounded again: “Ye Ye Gongzai wait from two trials.” leaves from . laugh quiet mind emerges out of the face looking angry teenager figure,; his eyes fawn generally seems pure in the eyes. Nine years ago, bloody night, she lied to the young man said, Mo Ni was killed early cloud meaning. He coolly took away the bodies of Mo Ni, leaving also donated a gram poisonous elixir. She looked toward the middle, he’s right,; although he dressed appearance has changed a lot, but when she met him, he was already a teenager, is not difficult to find the shadow of the year, they do not like When I saw her, she was just an infant, and she is a far cry from today. leaves from today, a white,; look gentle, polite retreat, he agreed with the beginning of the cloud entirely different meaning if the cloud is the beginning of fairies, memorable, engraved heart. So that leaves from a ray of spring, just the right tenderness. Italy felt early cloud quiet laughter coming from the leaf, raised an eyebrow,; looked up and down the leaves several times from head to toe, lips twitched indifferently, did not think of that night furious leaves from teenager. late Xiao then began the second trial were reported finalists name, she did not check the roster late this find quiet laugh Xiao simple, sang a name before the game, she will be able to name only a few hundred people, martial appearance remember clearly. twentyseven years.; Quiet laugh more attention to a few people are in the column. Not to mention the beginning of the cloud meaning. He places the identity she already knows. Ye did not expect less from the master in the martial arts is actually occupies a pivotal position in Ge Wu Villa. In addition to over two of them. Imperial Palace, home to the water when the A and Nvgong Zi Hua country’s richest man. And a lone swordsman Hui Muslim chat. State government prime minister Zhao He starry night.; Huaguo Cheng Wang Ran under the command of flowers. Are to opponents should not be underestimated. Unexpectedly yes. January killing of people did not participate. Only quietly on the sidelines. Cut her a little pressure. This wine can not seize the king. She really did not grasp. Literary and martial arts are rough than before.; What will the next two topics. She could not guess. she looked to the bamboo heart. Her frustration over her veil. Do not see real look. What more impossible scrutiny. Her eyes moved slowly from bamboo wine king of hearts body. Gently bite Yaoxia Chun. bamboo heart just in time to see the quiet laugh.; She glued to the TV drama noticed altar wine. Bamboo Heart wavefront flow. Xiao Xiang Wan waved. Late Xiao rely on forward. She Fuer account of a few. I saw the late Xiao face sudden changes. Finally, some reluctantly nodded. Xiao late picking up life.; Ready to go. Bamboo with acoustic into the secret heart of the quiet smile and said:. “Sister sister send you count this board to see that it had to the project into three tests he must have his slightest chance you are gone. But know how to love wine tasting or to people. necessarily are massive. ” quiet surprised laugh. Bamboo heart even as she temporarily changed the subject. She replied the same way: “I’m afraid my sister to have drunk too much wine than a third of this test may be afraid anymore than how ” “Multipour a few, not better.; assured None wines you drink. not going to win in words and you have to think about this a jar of wine king had to wait eighteen years. III trial as long as and Imperial Water Palace of people do not qualify. to be intelligent you can be a stroke. Zhao He was a genius. anything very proficient. could drink it! only make it through the cups. “statement in the bamboo heart conceal a smile.; quiet laugh at her nodded slightly and said:. “That smile secluded Xianxie sister.” then down, in the middle of the night Xiao has sent about three meters placed under a wooden table, wooden table twentyseven neat row of identical glass. She broke all the participants: “The two test is very simple, do not even drink eighteen Cup will qualify three down again.” a ripple, the audience burst discussion.; Habitat will never wind white wine than our own treasures heavier this year to participate in two pilot who really earned, even if numerous product also smooth the wine. Such rules are a few happy tears. Twentyseven years, everyone’s face is brilliant, there is excitement, there is contemplative. country’s starry night, listening to a test rule,; looked at the hearts and white bamboo Saar pylons, laughed a few times and said: “Nobody’s perfect, fear of ridicule drink gaffe, Zhao Exit” then seriously back seat, but he has not seen a trace of regret or anger, that people harbor really unusual. maid went to a wine glass, please Participants are listed in the table. Cloud Italy early next quiet smile,; whispered: ” Would not be your primary residence and the collusion of the” quiet laugh if nothing had happened and said: “really highly of me.” Then that sticks out from the sleeve magnolia hairpin in front of him. cloud meaning face slightly changed beginning, let hairpin lying there quietly, do not put away, nor pushed to her. The respect between the two angered the limelight because of the last game, holds many lessons have been watching a lot of caring people to them. Some impetuous quiet laugh softly: “Do you have to pick up publicly embarrassed” turned suddenly thrust early cloud meaning,; a pair of eye Anchaoyongdong, she met his gaze without flinching. Until late Xiao personally holding the jars, filled in the first round of wine. He picked up the cup, drained, when the glass back on the table, has been split in two, he did not say anything,; will be incorporated into the arms of magnolia hairpin. bamboo severe heart without wine, laughter is quiet and cloud early Italian experience before, it’s strong heart for the first time on the same bamboo wine in front of the quiet to say the general laughter “I wonder if you can get through a few glasses. “In fact, late Xiao poured the fifth round, the field was still standing, only nine people. twelfth round in the past,; minus the number, only to laugh quiet, early cloud meaning, leaves from the water and the Imperial Palace, who are still standing. Drunk people, good wine, and fell asleep in the past, was staying in the back yard,; good wine, full of running around the field, only to pull a few people together is maintained. The most fun is when the home Nvgong Zi, grabbed help her people and said: “! Roll, I do not want to marry you” attracted to watch the crowd burst of laughter. quiet laugh early and cloud meaning both somewhat surprised that they did not expect, even from the leaves is also so good drinker.; Leaves from the two red side head and smiled, his smile comparable to wine before, do not make people feel amazing, but very intoxicating. He smiled gently quiet Yi Yi, meaning early cloud side head looked a long while and said:. “Here today to see Rui Wang Highness, leaves from a great comfort.” meaning some confusion early clouds,; look at his face, did not answer. also secretly laugh quiet speculation, leaves from Italy does not recognize early that year purple cloud boy, why can with him laughing leaves from the clouds to see the expression meaning early, smiled Tip:. “Nine years ago, the spirit of the state ferry” early cloud meaning dawned on him . “Could the next call Rui Wang soon Yunxiong” early cloud meaning nodded toward the leaf from some haughty expression.; not mind leaves off and said:. “Nine years ago, the next had misunderstood Yunxiong kill me a grudge for a long time friend and later my father was a lesson learned that hate the good guys though Yunxiong mistakenly did not know, but my humble opinion , or the need to say sorry to you. ” who died nine years ago, the beginning of the cloud meaning did not mind, it does not matter nodded and said:. “but you still want to place a gentleman.;” just then the thirteenth round wine has filled, leaves from the toast indicate:. “. borrow this wine, the next King Yunxiong Zaiyu that is destined, I hope in the future to become familiar with Yunxiong” cloud meaning early eyes sweep the sweep quiet laugh, and leaves from the full drink. laugh quiet drink this wine is not the taste, she thought,; beginning to cloud nine years ago a mine buried meaning, I did not expect so that leaves from father gave easily ruled out. Wulin Sheng, the Ge Wu Villa sits person, really are not pushovers. In fact, she should have known, lie deceive the moment, but they lie too long,; after all, as long as a little check out Mo Ni scars, it will have doubts. But, Ge Wu Hill acted honorably, that Mo Ni antecedents strange, why the leaves from the rage for her absence, she had been puzzled. Think of it,; she was feeling a bit low, had sent to kill her and TANTAI Mo Ni Qin, she had asked TANTAI Qin, but he made no mention, she certainly, he knew, but he did not tell her . Hidden in the shadows of the people, even if she had never seen anyone even is unknown,; can one expect to feel vaguely uneasy . her intuition, that person is not eliminated, and therefore she will one day exposure to danger. instant eighteen Cup Yinbi, laughing just a little tipsy quiet, there is no deal with the third question. early cloud meaning looked the other three, when the water swept into the Royal Palace of the man,; and he shook his head very small amplitude, which is difficult to be aware of a little trick happens to be quiet laugh to see, she did not say anything, remember in the heart. Just listen to the water after the Royal Palace who rushed late Xiao said: “The wind of white wine really deserved reputation ranks, has been unable to rethird more than the next, in this exit.” late Xiao does not retain, “So you are requested to enter the park to rest.;” field then only a quiet laugh, early cloud meaning, leaves from the three. Xiao announced late last test of content:. “. Chess Sanju wins” system quiet laugh just felt head was a loud hum, because TANTAI Qin do not like chess, says chess with the shrewdness effort tired, so she did not even touch the pieces touched about why this last game,; even turned out to be more than chess! She very sad to see the bamboo heart sound transmission into the secret passage: “Bamboo sister, I have never been to chess.” bamboo heart was taken aback, she thought, to laugh secluded by net worth and upbringing, and chess is compulsory, not to mention laugh secluded snow smart, always gives surprise .; she did not expect to laugh even completely quiet without play chess. Topics holds many lessons can be released, has become a foregone conclusion, there is no way to change again changed. Her helpless . laugh quiet calm down, expect the wine around the two men took to send her Leaves from the impossible, do not say that he did not recognize her, is recognized,; I am afraid it will only find her afterwards, wine gifts will not be so kind. Early cloud meaning, so she can not dare by his gift, but also a chance to stay out. She must find a way . great way. uU book  B UutXT. CoM whole grain sub pull Guangdong Reading vol wrong Bureau CHAPTER try to outsmart three words: 4406 cloud calm than ever intended to do a lot early,; she retired hairpin things, he was nuji, but the moment has possession of all the emotions, quipped: “Everybody says that chess Road to see the character, I was not the Thank the Lord gave me a home and then see you more opportunities, Chu quiet laugh. “he did not even call her name with the surname first name, three words one outlet, his heart filled with a trace waves,; Chu quiet laugh, why just just called her name, he will feel very comfortable about the mood . quiet are trying to come to laugh, listened to his words slightly upward, under the veil Yang Kai lips touch of laughter. “I think what this moment, do not guess you guess” cloud meaning no beginning, said speculation in the meaning of her words.; She smiled even more, “Actually, I have been thinking about a way how we can make you lose not too difficult to see.” words, from the beginning of leaf and cloud meaning could hear clearly. Two as one, when look at her, and leaves from the eyes of a little more scrutiny, meaning the beginning of the school cloud fascinating.; She looked up at the sky, red heart bamboo bench broke and said: “nearly shi, if chess is far from harmless, but the three of us probably evenly matched, the next person too, and I’m afraid to race to tomorrow. here also have people who do not like chess battle, no interest would be making today Sheng Huisheng I have a suggestion, please answer the primary residence.; ” “Go ahead.” She looked around the crowd, his voice reveals a very confident, “the best of three games to one council and deliberation.” cloud meaning early eyebrow, just like that she wavefront flow, leaf looked away for a moment, the next one even scared bamboo heart:. “Incompetent would like an enemy,; while the Swiss Wang, Ye Gongzai game,” her voice with all of the internal forces sent to the ears , everyone there applauded, there are scoffers. Everyone knows that, but think about two chess game of chess than a single road next game, not a little rare. It can be said,; is a test of two levels. Spectators who they do not know who croon a cry and said:. “presumptuous” quiet laughter was audible. To place the voice said: “Maybe a little bit of you, but I do not think it is more interesting for you, but also his life for the sake of entertaining the public nothing.” bamboo heart frown. She just said do not understand never been to chess. Now this is what sings out quiet smile and turned to the two men beside him and said:.; ” Rui Wang and Yeshao main rival, since I must be out of this worst of all for the entertainment so I do not know two being willing to make some sacrifice” leaves from the smile. A modest ceremony and said: “Go ahead.” “If I simultaneously with two game. lucky enough to win one. then I won two count how” crowd of people listening. It was also coax said:. “Yes ah ah this is only fair.” After early cloud from Italy,; and leaves little thinking and opt replied: “Good!” this answer, the calculation being quiet laugh. They are two different personalities, but the common denominator is quite conceited, even such a condition, that party is still unfavorable to her, so they do not think there is likely to lose, must agree.; Since no further objection, bamboo heart will laugh along secluded, agreed to change the rules, she also really curious, quiet smile playing any tricks. boarded three main units, two chess case, three seats, has been put in order.; Cloud intended primaries to the left seat, leaves from the sat to the right. Laughing secluded sitting two cases among chess. Behind the three men, two huge support from the board, with others doing watching chess. Quiet smile looked anxious on being Miaomiao seats, acoustic into the secret told her: “Miao Miao, after the fall of the first child,; the two big chessboard ruined, people do not find.” Miaomiao nodded to her immediately. quiet smile hid a piece of black and white in each sleeve, this time around the already quiet. She refused to let the two of them first, adhere to guess first. Hide two pieces, played a role.; I wonder if God knew it reaches her ghost to order. quiet laugh from leaf, leaves from the upper hand. laugh quiet of the early cloud meaning, just get quiet laugh. “pop” leaves falling from the first sub, the war began. Laugh too quiet to sit and turn indecent, threw the chair next to stand in the middle of two chess case.; She picks up an albino, the delay does not fall. At this time, two loud bangs, standing behind a huge chessboard crashing down, scared everyone, except on stage three, did not even look. After everyone nervous,; and then found nothing movement ease down, but this game they can not see it. However, most people do not is watching chess, just want to see the end result bluster quiet laugh. crowd enigmatic smile, only Zhao He, himself: “Interestingly, this altar wine,; the king has to be her.” leaf from this quiet yet Lazi Bureau laugh, but she turned around, first in Italy and the beginning of the cloud on the disc that came to the first son. Italy almost unthinkingly early cloud immediately to keep a child. Smile looked quiet, silent for a moment, turned into the game with a leaf from. Compared to two,; laughing quiet Lazi slow, no two elegant gesture

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Speaking of money, I think of who is the second. costume designer Mark hands of scissors. again powerful weapon it can make money her ordinary Women Current, a pair of scissors but not much blood to earn a silver snowflake and I went for what this very disregard for human life, Causing loss of lives everywhere to see the place, do not because of money or what, Ha ha. ” “first,; and finally to the first.” She is a positive effort to look. “Arbiter of the guillotine. Huang nobles on today, down to the street well the common people, no matter who, as long as it is only commit crimes, will cut the Money and sex to the front of the pack is a pile of dirt uncle he dog, tiger,; dragon three detached the guillotine ugly humanity, another powerful weapon, kill more people, the more severe Shanie, arbiter of the guillotine, killing more people, the more clear and bright in the world, the more justice. first a welldeserved.; ” nonsense in her early cloud Italian academics out something more, he saw hidden under the appearance that she, he secretly glad, sad man she has abandoned her such a unique, bamboo heart a few words, let him clear his mind, he told her unusual curiosity, obsessed with regret and care, give all clear overnight.; The first time he did not want to let go so sure, no matter who she is, he wants to set up. He turned around to see bamboo heart: “Your wine in the end there is no use, thirty cup, and how she does not fall” bamboo heart irrelevant answers and look seriously said: ” arbiter is your nation or the other of the two countries.” cloud meaning early silent while laughing secluded finally lying down on the stone table. He wants to hug her back into the house, did not know where to hide in the shadows ChenMo sudden flash of blocking his movements,; ChenMo look Miao, Miao knowing, meaning the beginning of the cloud and bamboo heart duo bowed, picked up fell asleep last laugh has been quiet back room. laugh this quiet sleep, sleep straight day in the afternoon. Bamboo is really the heart of the wine without much, since the martial arts, she has tried to sleep Tianhundian Xu Jiumei personnel do not know the feeling.; She propped himself up, head slightly heavy, but not hurt. A box slightly bedside hand, she picked up to watch, determined not her thing slowly opened, a finely carved rosewood hairpin was lying quietly in the box, out of a flower Magnolia. her eyes deep,; popping sound, taken together cover the door for just Miao said: ” TANTAI Qin Jian worry about breaking it to find out, we moved Behind museum.” her with his undefended just confined to yesterday . can not cover everything, beginning with the current cloud nine years ago, purple Italian teenager is the fact that the same person. After drunk, she still had her.;  n  n   League uuTXt. coM Quanwenziban reading vol wrong Bureau Chapter XVIII wine king who is Word Count: 3842 half Dutch museum, a little quiet laugh trio, a bit empty. Early yesterday, sitting on a cloud meaning she had to sit in the seat, watching the bird was left in front of the box, face cold scary. The first time he really send the woman a gift,; she does not even slightly close . he clutched a clenched fist, she not only did not receive, but also moved out of the halfDutch Pavilion. She was washing jiange man he had already guessed, he did not blame her to conceal her identity, because the people who wash jiange act this way, and will withstand a variety of face appeared in front of her face is not the original face He was not sure, it is certain that her identity wash jiange little master.; He remembered the scene they first met, a kind of feeling of being tricked. quiet laugh track ever since the museum moved into fans would not step out of bamboo every day to her heart, where to run, and later brought to the wind white home underboss, that she had one side of the edge of the original Yao this country man White Saar. tower door. In fact, they do not go every day to the other,; as is after her drunken gibberish weapons spectrum rankings. explain those ranked quiet laugh but from some miscellaneous books read, it is like, her own series. Bamboo heart not mind every day to talk to her big “Dragon” and other stories, hear mesmerizing. Even the white Saar. Pylons have also been on the road with children every day to listen to rub the cheek. For a time,; prompting the wind White Curie lived on Behind museum guests who Zhuer borne curious, ever do wash jiange name of the first Habitat II and the wind white master unusual attitude, I was not one dared to tackling an actual situation. One day, quiet joke laugh after laugh every day listening underboss white white book, that guy did not want to recognize the truth, when they first come in front of a bottle of wine Dun quiet laugh, and then confidently listen, hear not enjoyable day even She say some,; and with his eyes indicate early into the belly laugh secluded wine but his book fees paid to listen. She grew and got to know that just two siblings, also began to prepare for a lot, she was happy that they came every day, at least you can get rid of loneliness. so until the May 17, early in the morning, all the guests are gathered in the “three test units,” quiet laugh Fufei Where is what wins reception,; more like a blind date, seminars, trade fairs. Looking at that one coming from the fullfield Hupenghuanyou men and women ogle cleverly hidden, she felt bored. Royal Water Palace and Jan have come to kill a few, in January killed three people dressed in black, with a drooping mantles hats hidden face, compared with the tone of this event,; it is extremely awkward, two messengers Royal Water Palace just the opposite, dressed in white, misty, such as Sin, looks are not made to cover, but watching the two faces, would not see the kind of real feeling, reportedly Xuangong deep person,; in order to achieve this level. today urged her Miaomiao, it is also wearing a thick veil, can not cover far too thick veil and then shot to the eyes of that road, the seating arrangement is very clever, cloud coincided with the beginning of her master and servant Italian trio and sat under his eyes watch intently, she has no time to take into account those around celebrity elite, she felt upset, why she does not want to understand the subconscious mind Theme down the high sitting on bamboo and white Saar .; tower door. bamboo yarn Pitt heart still break out, and feel secluded laughing eyes, she nodded slightly red. Underboss who did not pay attention to laugh quiet side, head Weice look toward the January killing three. finally, chaotic environment quiet Pathetic maid in a clear voice. “Xiao is late this year so guan’er,; seen of you in this. quit the rambling, routinely the first guests in attendance for the first test of the rules described here is called three test units, by definition, a competition for the three games, each project is different. competition or on the sidelines of you can, do not insist, participating guests are required to perform the melancholy sendoff memo hanging on unnamed list.; “She pointed to a central meeting place for about 30 meters high, with bamboo poles erected a large wooden plaque phase, several pieces of bamboo protruding nails on wooden plaque. She finished indicate continued: “As for how to hang memo, informal methods, a total of four bamboo nails, everyone will naturally divided into four groups, with heavy drums for the number began to pay attention so far covered with bamboo nails, please participate.; Zhijian were written on the back in the real canning, if found to have an alternate game, the win also invalid even after three trial Nance will win the home brew master proking. ” everyone in the audience burst of noise, are wondering how this year’s reception was fantastic, it is said that nine years ago, the king of altar wine, may in youth. One person in the crowd stood up and loudly asked: “Xiao girl late this year,; Wang What are the characteristics of wine.” late Xiao Chong everyone smile, two maids is very carefully the jars onto a table, on the night Xiao behind the rosewood table. Just look at the appearance of it does not feel that this altar wine of kings there anything in particular, just listen to the night Xiao said:. “This year the altar three drinkers can increase the success level power” voice down. Led to a commotion. Many people are eager.; Laughing quiet mind a move. TANTAI oozing off after the loss of half of the land skill. Good for him. Good for the mind owe. This wine she wins the set. She picked up early to prepare ink on the table. Su Jian Chu wrote back in laughter quiet words. Cloud beginning to see her in action is intended. Eyes deep.; Since she was so in the mood. He did not fight in the end. Would not it be boring. “boom” sound Gu Xiang. Memo to his hand off the worry people have made the leap to the middle to go down list. Who hit who inevitably occur. Who is who in the situation pushed. Several people present in the enclosed space inside to hit up. Those who laugh a secluded sweep.; This is known to qualifying it. Not only martial arts school exam. Also consider tolerance training school. Her little toe in the table. Flights to unnamed list. When people hit the front soon. She quickly whirled in the air. Overstating a bit. The man set foot on the shoulder.; Case repeated several times. Snap the melancholy memo fork off into the bamboo nails. At the same time. Side next to the sinking also put up a bamboo nails Su Jian. Early cloud meaning. He told her smile. She ignored. How to see him have some ill Nama laugh. She gently falling to the ground.; Just listen to children next to a crisp tone said: “with the enclave crowded.” immediately another little microrough voice replied:. “then use to climb.” laugh secluded feel interesting. Look to talk to people. Two cute baby face appeared. With stature estimates down about twelve years old. A man and a woman. Two pairs of large eyes were rolling Smart looked high on bamboo poles.; girl asked: “笺纸 only one on you or me on.” boy said: “curly you stupid or I grew up on” called curly girl curled his lip, “old fell from the roof called balls, do not call curly.” face some red balls, reluctantly said:. “Forget it, I’m a real man, so with you on this ugly girl you are.;” curly sweet smile, do not mind if he called her ugly girl, anyway, he shouted a thousand times, she would not ugly. She drew a charcoal, curly wrote the word, then the limbs and use, he went deadlines.;i twenty meters high places, sensitive like little monkeys, a look back at her standing on the ground balls, like is to show off, and pounced meters, leaving the Su Jian slammed on the list, and then swipe quickly slipped down the pole down and said: “! bad it.” Sphere snorted,; no bother. time, four bamboo nailed been poked full of Su Jian, two powder coat Xiaobi cut the bamboo, wooden plaque removed, and handed late Xiao. Late Xiao cleared his throat, to the crowd: “The quota is full, I invite you Shaodai.;” On the spot with several other unnamed people count the number of memo standings, nine persons in 255, a third group of people less , but does not affect anything. After the roll call, the crowd was divided into four teams, with the Four Seasons name. Quiet smile spring team under the cloud meaning early in the summer team. a try is the team knockout,; before the late Xiao put a cage of doves, a total of fifteen, each bird feet are strapped to a wooden plaque. When dove release, contestants have to shoot down the wooden sign, but not hurt the pigeons out otherwise. After the shoot down wooden plaque, impromptu poetry sentence, but not limited to poetry,; song, Fu also, the sentence must contain that word on a wooden plaque where otherwise out. Indecent or steal other verses were out. Snatch others were shot down wooden plaque, also out. In other words, a maximum of sixty people into Second try, but under such a rule,; fear is also greatly reduced the number. quiet laughter had expected and ultimately, what kind of a test of literary talent this one. Tang, Song, Yuan, who she casually twist masterpiece out of this world, no one would say she copied her have nothing to fear from the Xiaobi Torr plate chose 一枚 thin bladed buckle in hand, waiting for the vigil.; night Xiao Su hand pull kennel that moment, everyone held their breath gaze. Unexpectedly, the first pigeons just dancing, a flash of silver, dove down to the ground screaming loudly. Cage birds are scared, fluttering wings to grab the cage. Brush brush,; there eightynine been shot down. Late Xiao some panic, she did not expect this situation, even the heart of the stands of bamboo are also exposed a little bland colors. Seeing and a silver across, leaping volley quiet laugh, will soon be shot pigeons guard in the chest, the body slightly onesided, hidden weapon flew rubbing her sleeve,; cut her sleeves. Spring team of 65 years, had a few people shouted, but can not find who sent the hidden weapon, did not dare rashly rush up and smiled as secluded, hidden weapon that fast, aggressive, accurate, and everyone is afraid of fire.; But the moment, apart from the arms of the bird quiet smile, all the rest of the dead dove to the ground. She went to stand not far from being the little girl, smiling, curly side, faint and asked: “Why Shoot them.” rolls eyes blink a few times and said:. “again,; I do not write poetry, to lose it since I can not continue to play, that we are not playing well.” child young age, why do Henla shot, even the pigeons are not people, but also the creatures, killing her without blinking an eye, but also fun.; Quiet smile and shook his head and asked: ” Only my arms, you are not going to kill” curly nod immediately replied: “I’ll kill you fly.” crowd saw that the little girl is the culprit, all over the Bay, but bad hands, afraid of the future spread out, so many people to bully a little girl, really ugly. For a time the scene froze.; quiet laugh sighed and said:. “Unfortunately, I still want to play, so we can not let you kill it Miaomiao ” Miaomiao finger twist 一枚 ​​peach shell curly locks, broke, said:. “Little Lord assured.” curly Miaomiao looked distant, quiet smile and look,; a pair of eyes turn a few turns, finally pursed his lips Pakistan said:. “do not play, you bully people,” a pair of crying confused expression Yuqi quiet little embarrassed smile, curly and there angry stare spring participating team a finger distant sky and said: “! still a live” taking advantage of the moment to see everyone, Brisk a vertical, When they go back,; which still have curly shadow. People are not willing to play a dove to see the arms of laughter quiet, dejected back seat. quiet laugh pull the pull lips, the arms of a dove into the air throw, throw Boren, did not hurt that the wings of the birds fly away half feathers, wooden plaque falls firmly in the hands, she shrugged,; engraved on a wooden plaque with a “worry” word. Also did not want to think, she blurted out:. “Streaky Ma, daughter of fur, children will be out for wine, and Seoul with extinction drown.” late Xiao clap cheer, “Chu girl good literary talent,; please wait for the second test also seat.” quiet laugh in all directions stunning shot to watch, look the same, I go the other three teams in a competition contemplation. lengthy book full grain sprouting UUTXt.CoM read from Osaka month Volume XIX wrong Bureau enemy Words: 4287 laugh secluded poked been ripped curly sleeves, a slight frown, turned his head and looked to the center of the field. Cloud intended sapphire costumes at the beginning of a particularly loud crowd,; he does have attracted the attention of thousands of capital, with a single look around the seat shy timid frequently Wink would be sufficient to prove this point, but unfortunately a cold, frozen a all beauty. seem more and more like he is now wearing a navy blue of it . laugh quiet thought, dark blame himself, he wore what color she doing anything field at the moment a very quiet night in handcuffs Xiao cage door, pigeon flying,; while a Yinmang a sudden, early cloud meaning only that flying a rosewood hairpin, strike down wooden sign post, that hairpin strength diminished, quiet laugh straight away. Quiet laugh when react, that support hairpin, has subconsciously copied in the hands of